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Elections 5780

Honorable Mentch GIRLS

Bainaniya Party 

Bainaniya Party 

EN- Prize Redemption

Honorable Mentch BOYS

Derech Eretz Coins

Derech Eretz Coins

Hachi Awards


Purim Extravaganza

Hachi Outings

Bainany Kumzitz


Boys Karaoke

Yud Shvat L&L

EN SPARKLE Karaoke Night

Officials @ City Hall

EA @ LA Menorah Parade


Bainaniya Pre-Chanukah

Simchas Beis

Photo Booth Elections

L&L and Prizes

Mini Minyan Splashers

Pesach Sheini Girls

Bainany Ice Skating

Purim Fun

Chof Beis Shvat Farbrengen @ Shefa

Menorah Parade in style!

Ezras Noshim Mock Wedding

Simchas Beis

Bainaniya End of Year!

Final Laugh & Learn

Cabinet Members incentive program!

Day out on the town!

Bainany 11 Nissan

Shabbaton Shlichus

City Hall with the Mayor

Elections 5777

Sukkah Hop Nerf FUN!

Honorable MENTCH'en Reward

Honorable MENTCHens

Bainaniya Game Night

Pesach Sheini Boys

Yud Aleph Nisan Farby

Purim Masquerade

Menorah Lighting at City Hall

Bainany Kumitz Melave Malka


Cabinet members!

Mini Minyan Splish Splash

Ezras Noshim Honorable MENTCHen Hike

Ezras Anoshim Farby!

Bainaniya Pre-Pesach


Bainaniya Chanukah Party

Bainany Kumzitz

3rd grade Laugh & Learn

Bainany Ice Skating Party

Final Laugh & Learn

Purim Extravaganza

Chaya's Day of Inspiration

Chof Beis Shvat Farbrengen

Red Carpet Costumes