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Prizes and Perks!

Prize options will be updated periodically!!! 


Rules for Prizes and Perks!

1) Every ticket you receive in Shul = 1 point you can use to purchase incredible prizes!

2) Boruch Sheamar Coins = 5 points, Aleinu Coins = 5 points, Honorable Mentchen Coins = 5 points, Derech Eretz Coins = 10 points

3) You may use your points to buy as many items as you wish - there is no prize limit

4) You can ONLY use points that you yourself earn; no sharing points (even between siblings)

5) Points do NOT roll over to next year - they all must be used within this year to count. 

6) Items may take up 1-2 weeks to receive. We will try to get them to you as soon as possible! 

Time to redeem those points!


Check out the options above. Once you decide which prize or perk you would like, simply fill in the form to the right and let us know! We will review the amount of points you need for the prize, check if you have the needed points and then make sure to get it over to you! 


If you are choosing a "perk", be sure to let us know when you'd like it! 

We received your order!

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