All Ezras Noshim are invited to join us in the MINI MINYAN room right after our weekly Kiddush, for a special PRESENTATION from our CANDIDATES!

*will last approx 20-30 minutes


Team MSG

Sandberg, Makhlin, Geisinsky

Team STS

Raeburn, Tenenbaum, Cohen

Team SYS

Gorelik, Glabman, Schwarts

Team HnC "Agency"

Hindi Lerner, Chana Kramer

Team LDL

Leah Munitz, Devorah Leah Raeburn

Team LG "Life's Good"

Liba Farkash, Mushka Greenbaum

Who are our candidates?

See the details and special incentives each team will introduce to KYY if elected!

Kol Yakov Yehuda is proud to present the ticket of

Zalmy Greenbaum, Moshe Aron Geisinsky and Sholom Ber Cohen.

Each of the members of this seasoned Kol Yakov Yehudadaveners team, lead by example when it comes to tefillah on shabbos. This along with strong leaderships skills and along Kol Yakov Yehuda Presedium Yichus will make this team very tough to beat on election night. The voters will no doubt be keen to hear their Hakhel initiatives. This is most definitely a very formidable team.



Last year:

Kol Yakov Yehuda is proud to present the ticket of

Avrohom Moshe Eichenblatt & Zali Raichik.

Both long time mispallelim of Kol Yakov Yehuda, these two boys knows what it takes to run KYY as best as it can be. Older and mature, they know what it takes to lead a congregation that is a perfect balance of fun and ruchniyas! These two Bar Mitzvah boys are going to make this year great! (if you let them :))

Levi Cohen
Yechezkel Pinson
Mendel Raeburn
Sruly Glabman
Yossi Raeburn
Shlomo Z. Arnold
Avrohom Moshe Eichenblatt
Levi Farkash
Zali Raichik

This Year KYY Will Be Focusing On Tefila (Davening With Kavana), So If You Want Your Child/Children To Have An Amazing Year In Davening, And Fun, Make Sure They Should Vote For C.P.R.!

 This Group Of Levi Cohen,Yechezkel Pinson, And Mendel Raeburn, Will Accomplish Exactly What Their Initials Stand For:


Concentration (During Davening) Penetrates (Higher) Realms


They Also Will Revive KYY To Its Full Glory...

Come check us out on Motzei Shabbos to hear all the great things that SRS will do for KYY this year. 


As the oldest and most experienced group, we are sure to bring you the best of all the past 13 years COMBINED! 



 Leading with ease and confidence, Team Easy brings great upbeat and responsible leadership to KYY this year. Team Easy cares about each and every one at KYY and will provide for the best year ever!! 

Team Easy will have great prizes.


 Team Easy will be on the lookout for ways to make KYY and KYY events more fun and more interesting, with more chayus and with more simcha!!


It's so easy so vote for EASY!!