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A glimse of fun in the KYY world
CLICK HERE to get to the KYY youtube Channel!

20 years of KYY

a celebration


Programs with all divisions

Purim Extravagana

KYY Shnas Ha'esrim

Mid-Year Prize Redemption

Ezras Noshim & Anoshim

Chof Beis Shvat

Paint Party Ezras Noshim

Yud Shvat Farbrengen

MUSICAL Kumzitz!

Ice Skating Trip

Ezras Noshim Incentive

Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen

Ezras Anoshim & Noshim

KYY #20

MUSICAL Elections!

KYY #19

SPLASH end of year event!

KYY #18

That's a WRAP!


Shabbos Party!

Reb Yisroel Duchman


Dancing and Pizza

For Reb Yisroel Duchman

Mitzvah Simcha Tank

Yud Aleph Nissan

Zoom Rally

Yud Aleph Nissan

Ezras Noshim Sunday Funday

Dream big!


Annual Bonfire & Kumzitz


Winter Wonderland


Extravaganza #18

KYY Elections 5780


Ezras Noshim

Karaoke Night

KYY Elections 5779

All the thrills!

Mock wedding Farbrengen

In honor of our Rebbe's and Rebbetzin's yaratzei

Team Shamash! 5777

Zalmy Greenbaum, Sholom Ber Cohen, Moshe Aron Geisinsky

Chaya's Day of Inspiration

Chaya's Ezras Noshim go out on Mivtzoyim, workshops Friday night seudah and farbrengen. We miss you Chaya!

Unzere Kinder Rally Finale

UK Convention

Yud Tes Kislev

Escape room Melave Malka

Ezras Anoshim

Play Hooky!!

KYY #17

Purim Extravaganza

Bainany CHANUKAH 5779


Menorah Parade in Style

The winners of our incentive program were treated to an amazing night out...

Welcome aboard!

Join us as we start our 16th year of KYY. Read for take-off!

Team CPR 5777

Levi Cohen, Yechezkel Pinson, Mendel Raeburn

Elections are coming

5780, who will win??

Shtetyl Style - LIT

LA Menorah Parade

Chof Beis Shvat Farbrengen

A beautiful dinner at Shefa restaurant hearing stories and testing our Trivia!

Elections 5778 Great Reveal

This year's elections were fierce and serious. In a close race, here are our winners...

Team Rashi 5777

Yossi Gorelik, Zalmy Vishedsky, Shloime Richler

1 week later...

UK Convention

Chof Beis Shvat Farbrengen

Ezras Noshim Tratorria Natalie

And the winners are...

KYY Elections


UK Convention

Our special guests...

UK Convention

Ezras Noshim Candidates

KYY Elections

Team ER Candidate Video

KYY Elections

Team Shemesh Candidate Video

KYY Elections

ABC's of KYY

KYY 5775

Chaya Spalter

KYY's Dedication

Caterer Promo

Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Promo Raffle

Chof Beis Shvat

CPR Elections presentation


Sukkos Rally Newport Beach

Sukkah Hop 5775

KYY Grammen

By Team Shemesh

KYY re-dedicates our Shul

"Chaya's Ezras Noshim"

13 Years - Annals of Awesomeness

Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Details Raffle

Chof Beis Shvat

EASY Elections presentation


Event Recap

Elections 5775

KYY Elections

Who's gonna win?

We love Mini Minyan

"Chaya's Ezras Noshim"

Sneak peak of Pictures 

Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Hat Promo

Bar Mitzvah Celebration

SRS Elections presentation


Accountant Stroll counting the ballots 

Elections 5775

Unzere Kinder Convention

Yud Shvat Shabbaton

KYY #12 Prep!

What KYY is all about...

Officials Inauguration

KYY #11

Ezras Anoshim Shabbaton

Tijuana, Mexico 5773

Benzy Marcuz of 8th day

Where are YOU gonna be on Yud Shvat?

Zoche B'gorel Trip

Levi Greenbaum, Yisroel Pinson and Shloime Laskar take on FRANCE!

Bainany's Pesach Prep

KYY #11

Shmuly Marcuz of 8th day

He's excited too!

Purim Extravaganza #11

Red Carpet contest and performances!

Mini Minyan Chometz Carnival

KYY #11

A Year in Review

KYY #9


I'm a Bainany, are you?

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