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Ezras Anoshim

AKA The "Main Shul"


Jr. Rabbi

Shabbos in, shabbos out there is a Jr. Rabbi. For a special occasion, birthday or to reward great behavior, a young mispallel is chosen to represent the kehila for the week. The Jr. Rabbi sits prominently in the front of shul with the elected officials and reads the Hayom Yom after Davening.

Mizrach Wall

Every Shabbos we are joined by our Bar Mitzvah boys who make up our Minyan. A combination of our 8th graders and Alumni, these boys are honored with seating on our Mizrach Wall of the shul, with special tables set up for them. 

Elected officials

Every year, 7th and 8th grade boys of KYY have the opportunity to run for an elected position. They work hard to campaign and convince the members of The Rebbe's Diamond Daveners. Annually, the children vote for which "ticket" they choose to be their President, Vice President and Secretary of State. The elected officials then hold the office for the year - officially inaugurated and sit in designated seats in the front of the Shul. The Elected Officials are involved in descison making, weekly speeches and much more on behalf of all of KYY. 

Tickets and Raffles

As part of davening, the Mispallelim and Mispallelos have the opportunity to earn personalized KYY tickets, which not only help them towards a pre-set reward goal (which will make them eligible for a reward trip or special event) but also includes them in the weekly Shabbos raffle. During the Kiddush, RMD raffles off great weekly prizes - which the raffle winner gets to choose and then pick up during the week from the designated KYY locker! 

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