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Gesher Daveners

For children of all abilities


Sensory seats, special games and activities, gluten free snacks and circle time are a few of the highlights each Shabbos in our Gesher Program. Plus, let's not forget that the children have the opportunity to join KYY for a Hagbah and Gelilah, to stand by the bimah (proudly) and kiss the sefer Torah. What special moments!


NOW : 1-on-1 volunteers available!!


"My son loves coming to shul. Before, he would not even step over the threshold and now he runs inside, excited to kiss the Torah and be a part of the experience with all the other kids.​


Thank you!"

Our Program Director

Mrs. Doonie Mishulovin, Program Director


A special thanks to Mrs. Doonie Mishulovin for thinking up this group and making it happen! The “Shul room of the Gesher  ” is so nicely equipped with sedra toys and seforim …and little “davening lounge chairs. 


If you haven’t seen it – swing by and say GUT SHABBOS to the Geshers!


Plus, Every Shabbos : special IN-SHUL volunteers!


Gesher Mom

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