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Weekly Laugh and Learn Recaps!

Parshas Vayeira

This week marks the beginning of the 5th year of Laugh and Learn!! We are proud to say how the program has grown from just a handfull of girls to over 20 girls who come out at night for a VOLUNTEER extra learning! 

A special evening was shared in honor of Rochel Imeinu's yaratzeit. We learned about who she was and how to emulate her. We also had the treat to make hot cocoa and roast marshmallows for our smores, while we sat around our bonfire and sang songs about Rochel Imeinu. What a truly beautiful evening! 


Parshas Chayei Sara

2nd week and going strong....25 girls joined our learning program!! 

This week we focused on a lesson we learn from the Rebbe Rashab (whose birthday is this week) : to have "SUCCESS IN TIME".  We discussed how precious time is - and how much can be accomplished in each second. This was portayed in our "create a story" game. But HOW to do this? By connecting your neshama first thing in the morning to Hashem and last thing at night, you instill new meaning into all the activities that fall between those times! You are creating a common thread throughout each second, and that adds up to lots of time!! 

We learn this from Avraham Avinu, when he passes away and the Pasuk says, "bah bayomim". Every second of his 175 years were used to their fullest. SO MUST BE OUR GOAL!!

THE CLOCK IS RUNNING - make the most of your test!!!



Parshas Toldos

3rd week and BH we are up to 30 girls, WOW!!

This week we learned a sicha (inside!) about the important of Shmiras Halashon and NOT saying Lashon Hara. The prime example is Hashem, who even though Eisav was a pure Rasha and Yitzchok even knew he wasn't an "Ish Tam", still Hashem did not want to speak Lashon Hara about him. Therefore, Hashem made Yitzchok blind for 57 years of his life in order that Yaakov can trick him to get the brachos, instead of talking bad about Eisav. 

We really drove the point home with our TOOTHPASTE activity which showed us how hard it is to take back words once they are said, and broken telephone, which shows how stories really can grow...

Delicious fruit, all different flavors of chips and fruit roll ups made a great snack while we learned!!!

Parshas Vayeitzei

Fun, fantastic, fabulous, food and FAMILY FUED?

YUP - a Jewish and KYY version of the well-known game. We played a few rounds with the girls guessing the surveyed answer to teach us an important lesson we see in this week's parshas - it's all about how you finish!! "Hakol Holeich Achar Hachitom". Yaakov came to Lavan completely broke. At first, he worked hard - with the incentive of marrying Rochel. But even after 14 years and receiving his fair payment, we do not see Yaakov slack off at all. On the contrary - the final 6 years are when Yaakov really puts himself into the work and gains all his riches. 

This teaches us how with everything we do, we need to FINISH STRONG!!

(Just like family fued...the team to finish answering the questions gets ALL the points!)


Parshas Vayishlach

More great FUN and learning!!! 

This week we had a special farbrengen in honor of Tes-Yud Kislev. Hearning practical stories from the Mittler Rebbe, making them practical, singing niggunim really inspire us all to make this day really mean something to each and every one of us! 


Parshas Vayeishev


How can we help ourselves if we are jealous? 

What is the trick to overcome our feelings of jealousy?

When am I actually oiver on one of the Aseres Hadibros?

These questions and many more were answered on Tuesday in an interesting lesson on making sure we are HAPPY WITH WHAT WE HAVE! We took turns spinning the HAPPY DICE which allowed us to really dig into our lives and think about what makes us so happy and thankful in every aspect of our life. We also made colorful, edible coats for Yosef Hatzaddik! 



Parshas Mikeitz

A small group....but it's all about the QAULITY! 

We had a beautiful night together discussing Chanukah, helping out with professional videos and even losing teeth :) (mazal tov Aidele Oster). 

Be sure to check out the promo we made about Chof Beis Shvat! 

Parshas Vayechi

Learning a sicha while snacking is the most fun :)



Parshas Shemos

Learning a sicha with a very powerful lesson! We learned how every single part of our body can be used for the GOOD and to serve Hashem! That's why when a person even lifts his arm to hit someone else (Like Dasan and Aviram) he is called a Rasha!! 

Then we made skits to show this titled:

"Mitzvah Feet"

"Mitzvah Hands"

They both really portrayed how we learned and internalized the sicha! What a great night!!


Parshas Va'era

This week we learned about how to really serve Hashem....through SEEING Him in our daily life! We played pictoinary with liccorice and taught eachother the importance of looking for Hashem in our life.


Then we got to hear stories of the Alter Rebbe in honor of Chof Daled Teves from Rabbi DB!! 



Parshas BO

A video and inspiring stories, really allowed us a look into the life of Rebbetzin Chana. What a special woman she was! We learned how we can try and emulate her, to follow in her footsteps to be the best Chasidim we can be! 

We decorated cupcakes in the theme of her life - what a special event! 


Parshas B'shalach

Yetzias Mitzrayim? That's what PESACH IS ABOUT, right? 

NOPE - every single one of us need to experience yetzias miztrayim EVERY DAY of our lives! The Rebbe explains how we "enslave" ourselves by setting limitations on ourselves. But we need to push those limits and see how we can be the best US!

What fun we had re-creating Krias Yam Suf out of yummy treats :) 


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