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Mini Minyan

Introducing our counselors:

Mini Minyan in a beautiful ROOM!!!

Due to the popular demand for Mini Minyan and how much our participants love coming every Shabbos, KYY has expanded the Mini Minyan to almost DOUBLE its size in participants and we need to provide ample space for our ever-growing YOUNGEST minyan!!

Be sure to click the donate button above to help us out. 


Every Shabbos, in our special "Mini Minyan" Room


Boys 3 yrs old - Pre-1 A

Girls 3 yrs old - Pre-1A


Every week from 10-12:15, join our Mini Minyan for an exciting and well planned program!


(Picture depicting Lag Ba'omer Float reading "HAY! Come daven with us!")


The girls and boys have a chance to daven together, instilling in them the importance of Tefillah from a young age. 

The davening is split age-appropriately to ensure each child really focuses and davens with Kavanah. 



Each Shabbos we learn about the week's Parsha through an interactive, food-related arts and crafts, bringing the lessons to life! 

Interactive Play


The day also includes incredible lesson-based stories and great activites, creating an atmosphere of Chassidishe and Yiddishe fun. We encourage only best behavior and comradery. 

Our Madrichot!

Bassi Cunin, Rivky Laskar


Rivky is our very own KYY Alumni and knows the best ways to run Mini Minyan! 

Bassi has grown up on Shluchos, and always been involved in children's programs! 

Our madrichot are caring and compassionate, ready to give the children a great time in a safe enviroment. All of our counselors are great with children, have lots of experience and exude warmth and love. 

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