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Weekly Recap 

KYY joins Cheder Back to School night!


Our last week of KYY and it was so special! 

We all davened together and even got to bentch the choidesh.

RMD spoke to us about the summer and the greatest camps, Camp Emunah and Gan Yisroel Parksville :) Ok, Ok, Montreal is pretty good too!!! 

A special welcome to RMD's longest friend and our Baal Tefilla, Yosef Zakon!

A special thank you and yasher koach to Rabbi Kreiman for leigning for us!


A HUGE YASHER KOACH to our Vice President YECHEZKEL PINSON for winning the Chidon! 

And thank you Chaya Mushka Sandberg for using your kiddush cup points to buy everyone at KYY a special Shabbos treat! 

Raffle Winner: Aidele Oster, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky

Chazan: Nochum Zalman Gorelik

Honorable mensch'ens:Fischel Oster (3), Shmulike Cohen, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Pesach Chaim Newman, Melie Greenbaum, Leeba Farkash (2), Leah Munitz, Rivky Laskar, Rochel Leah Schusterman (2), Chaya Haratz (2), Hindi Lerner (2), Leeby Schneerson, Simcha Cunin

Tehillim Club: Mendel Geisinsky, Mendel Schmukler, Melie Greenbaum, Zalmy Greenbaum

Fast Pass award: Shmulik Cohen

Parshas Beha'aloscha RECAP

2 weeks left!!! 

KYY was fully packed, with our alumni, Ezras Anoshim and Noshim. What a beautiful davening...taking it in as much as we can. 

Raffle Winner: Chaya Mushka Sandberg

Chazan: Mendel Raeburn

Honorable mensch'ens: Mendel Geisinsky, Shlomo Glabman, Shmuel Medvedev, Benzy Weiss, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Levi Sandberg, Yitzchok Wolowik, Leeba Farkash, Eidie Mishulovin (2), Bina Meyrs, Rochel Leah Schusterman (2), Devorah Leah Raeburn, Gnesha Schapiro, Rochel Wolowik

Tehillim Club: Sholom Ber Cohen, Mendel Geisinsky, Shlomo Glabman, Yitzi Gorelik, Fischel Oster, Shloime Richler, Tzemach Tenebaum, Mendel Wiener, Yitzchok Wolowik 


Parshas Naso RECAP

Only 3 weeks left??!?! No....we don't want KYY #13 to end!

Before it does...there are stil alot of exciting things coming your way!


- Chaya's Hot Dog Club: End of year Laugh and Learn

-Ezras Anoshim and Chaya's Ezras Noshim Honorable MENTCH'en Trips

-Mini Minyan Splish Splash End of Year Bash!

-Reward ceremony for our Ezras Anoshim Tehillim Club

-Exclusive Shabbos Shmooze year end celebration!


Raffle Winner: Mendel Rubashkin, Cherna Schmukler and Shterna Wolowik

Chazan: Zali Raichik

Honorable mensch'ens: Yishai Atias, Zalmy Gurary, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Mendel Geisinsky, Shalom Dovber Oster, Sholom Dovber Davidoff, Melie Greenbaum, Simcha Cunin (2), Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Mushka Greenbaum, Chava Hurwitz, Chaya Haratz, Shaina Mina Wolowik, Devorah Leah Bart, Chana Kramer and Ariela Chana Butel

Tehillim Club: Mendel Geisinsky, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Shlomo Glabman, Yitzi Gorelik, Zalmy Gurary, Zalmy Greenbaum, Fischel Oster, Shalom Ber Oster, Shloime Richler, Mendel Rubashkin, Mendel Schmukler, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Bency Weiss, Mendel Weiner and Yitzchok Wolowik 

Musaf Award: Gnesha Schapiro

Raffle Winner: Shmuly Sandberg, Yossi Gorelik

Chazan: Levi Cohen

Honorable mensch'ens: Shmulik Cohen, Yossi Gorelik, Nochum Zalman Gorelik, Melie Greenbaum, Mendel Schmukler, Simcha Cunin (2), Mimi Ravnoy, Chaya Haratz, Chaya Habibian, Chaya Mushka Sandberg (2), Devorah Leah Raeburn, Chana Schmukler and Ariela Chana Butel

Tehillim Club: Shalom Ber Cohen, Shalom Ber Oster, Fischel Oster, Mendel Sandberg, Mendel Sandberg

What a beautiful Shabbos Achdus! First, we davened all together with some special guests from the adult shul. 

A big yasher Koach for our very own Mispallel YOSSI RAEBURN for his leigning !

After davening we had a unique kiddush....INSIDE for a change. We had the privilege of hearing from Rabbi Zali Munitz an incredible story of the Baal Shem Tov. What a nice rally!!

Parshas Bamidbar RECAP

Parshas Behar Bechukosai RECAP

This year is overflowing with 13's and we are getting so excited for our 13 flavors of ice-cream. What a great Bar Mitzvah Year! 

Yasher Koach to our ALUMNI Ha-President Efraim Lerner for a beautiful leining!


Raffle Winner: Leah and Benzy Wiess

Chazan: Levi Cohen

Honorable mensch'ens: Bina Meyers, Rivky Laskar, Aidele Oster, Shifra Shusterman, Gnesha Schapiro (2), Shaina Mina Wolowik, Chaya Mushka Sandberg, Mushky Wiener, Chanchy Schapiro, Chana Kramer, Shmulik Cohen, Shalom Ber Cohen, Shloime Richler and Benzy Weiss

Tehillim Club: Mordechai Yishai Atias, Shalom Ber Cohen, Shalom Ber Oster, Tzemach Tennebaum, Binyomin Wolowik, Yitzchok Wolowik 

Chocolate Award: Tzemach Tennebaum, Mendel Raeburn and Leeba Farkash


Shabbos, we love Shabbos...especially davening with KYY!! 

This week RMD was davening with Bainany, but surprised us when he brought the TWINS FROM FRANCE to come daven with KYY!! What a special treat...boy it was it fun and awesome to receive special FRENCH TWINS treats! 


Raffle Winner: Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Rochie Schapiro

Chazan: Mendel Raeburn

Honorable mensch'ens: Mimi Ravnoy, Rochel Leah Schusterman, Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Shifra Schusterman (3), Chaya Haratz (2), Sheina Mina Wolowik, Rochel Wolowik and Chana Kramer

Tehillim Club: Mordechai Yishai Atias, Michael Atias, Avremel Bart, Mendel Geisinsky, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Yitzy Gorelik, Mellie Greenbaum, Zalmy Greenbaum, Fischel Oster, Yechezkel Pinson, Shloime Richler, Shmuly Sandberg, Mendel Schmukler, Bency Weiss, Mendel Wiener, Binyomin Wolowik, Yitzchok Wolowik 

Chocolate Award: Ita Pinson, Rochel Leah Schusterman, Leah Weiss

Parshas Acharei Mos-Kedoshim RECAP

This week KYY celebrated their Bar Mitzvah Ufruf! 

Right after Maftir, all the mispallelim and mispallelos had the opporunity to throw blue "Mazal Tov" Candies at all the "bar mitzvah boys" (AKA - all of us celebrating KYY's Bar Mitzvah) while singing Siman Tov u Mazal Tov!!! 

We also had a beautiful davening with one mispallel and one mispallels Chosen to receive the "Bar Mitvah Card" award, for a special Prize!!

Raffle Winner: Tzemach Tenenbaum, Hindi Lerner, Mussie Hurwitz

Chazan: Shalom Dovber Cohen

Honorable mensch'ens: Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Mendel Geisinsky, Ari Sufrin, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Shalom ber Davidoff, Mendel Wiener, Dovid Moshe Klein, Menachem Moshe Cherman, Chana Kramer, Chana Schmukler, Hindi Lerner, Mussie Hurwitz, Ariela Chana Butel, Aidele Oster (2)

Tehillim Club: 

Chocolate Award: Chaya Mushka Sandberg, Rivky Laskar, Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Simcha Cunin, Shira Benzaquen, Shalom Ber Cohen, Shalom Ber Oster, Mendel Geisinsky, Benzy Weiss

Bar Mitzvah Card Award: Mushky Wiener

Parshas Tazria-Metzorah RECAP

13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13!!!

Everything this week was in 13's!

13 Honorable Mentions for the Ezras Anoshim

13 Honorable Mentions for the Ezras Noshim

13 Raffles!!! 

We are most definitely getting so excited for our Bar Mitzvah celebration coming up in just a week and a half! 

Raffle Winner: 13 LUCKY WINNERS

Chazan: Levi Cohen

Honorable mensch'ens: Ariela Chana Butel, Devorah Leah Bart (3), Chanchy Schapiro (3), 

Chana Kramer, Noa Topol (2), Rochel Wolowik (2), Shaina Mina Wolowik, Sheina Wolowik, Eidie Mishulovin, Leah Munitz, Shira Benzaquen, Simcha Cunin, Pesach Chaim Newman, Fischel Oster, Zalmy Greenbaum, Melie Greenbaum, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Benzy Weiss, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky (2), Yishai Atias (2), Mendel Geisinsky, Shalom Ber Oster (2)

Tehillim Club:  Michael Atias, Avremel Bart, Mendel Geisinsky, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Shlomo, Glabman, Yossi Gorelik, Yitzi Gorelik, Melie Greenbaum, Zalmy Greenbaum, Pesach Chaim Newman, Shalom Dovber Oster, Fischel Oster, Yechezkel Pinson, Mendel Rubashkin, Mendel Schmukler, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Mendel Wiener, Binyomin Wolowik, Yitzchok Wolowik


Chocolate Award: Leeba Farkash, Mushky Wiener, Devorah Leah Raeburn and Mendel Ahron Geisinsky

Parshas Shemini RECAP

Our first week back after the Pesach break and everyone got right back into things. We entered shul to see big mazal tov and bar mitzvah balloons throughout shul! How exciting....only 2 weeks left to our bar mitzvah event! 


Thank you Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel Yossi Raeburn for leining!


This week we started a new initiative in memory of Reb Chaim Serybranski. Doonie Mishulovin donated 36 chocolate bars and 6 mispallelim and mispallos received one for their outstanding behavior!   


Raffle Winner: Mushka Greenbaum and Mendel Rubashkin

Chazan: Levi Cohen

Honorable mensch'ens: Mimi Ravnoy, Leah Munitz, Itta Pinson, Rochie Schapiro (2), Cherna Newman, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Yosef Habibian, Shloime Richler, Yitzchok Wolowik

Tehillim Club: Mordechai Yishai Atias, Michael Atias, Zalmy Greenbaum, Melie Greenbaum, Yitzi Gorelik, Sroly Glabman, Shmuly Sandburg, Mendel Sandburg, Levi Sandburg, Yossi raeburn, Mendel Raeburn, Fischel Oster, Sholom ber Oster, Mendel Schmukler, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Yitzchok Wolowik, Yitzchok basso


Chocolate Award: Bina Meyers, Gnesha Schapiro, Devorah Leah Raeburn, Levi Sandberg, Shlaime Glabman and Yossi Gorelik

Parshas Tzav RECAP

Smooth with just a little bit of stretching, davening today was really beautiful.


We loved having some of our alumni who are back home for Pesach break davening with us!


Be sure to keep up the Derech Eretz and great davening over Pesach, whereever you may be. Remember you are representing Kol Yakov Yehuda, the Rebbe's Diamond Daveners! 

Raffle Winner: Charna Newman and Schneur Zalman Wiener

Chazan: Levi Sandberg

Honorable mensch'ens: Shmuly Sandberg (3), Mendel Rubashkin, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Fischel Oster, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Nochum Zalman Gorelik, Rochel Leah Schusterman, Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Aidele Oster, Devorah Stark, Gnesha Schapiro, and Mushka Greenbaum

Tehillim Club: Mordechai Yishai Atias, Shmulik Cohen, Shalom ber Cohen, Mendel Geisinsky, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Shlomo Glabman, Zalmy Greenbaum, Shmuel Medvedev, Shalomber Oster, Fischel Oster, Yechezkel Pinson, Zali Raichik, Shloime Richler, Mendel Rubashkin, Shmuly Sandburg, Ari Sufrin (2), Tzemach Tenenbaum, Bency Weiss

Musaf Award: Chaya Mushka Schmukler (8th grade)


Even MORE exciting!!! 

KYY has 3 sifrei Torah this week...which means, TRIPLE LEINING, TRIPLE KIBBUDIM and TRIPLE POINTS!!! Even some TRIPLE HONORABLE MENTCH'ENS!

Being Rosh Chodesh, we also had a special HALLEL award for our mispallelim and mispallelos. 

We'd like to thank Habochur Hatomim BURGER for leining the Parsha for KYY. And a special thank you to our very own ex-President SHMULLY WOLOWIK for leining Parshas Hachodesh. 

Parshas Vayikra RECAP

Raffle Winner: Aidele Oster and Hindi Lerner

Chazan: Zali Raichik

Honorable mensch'ens: Fischel Oster, Mendel Rubashkin, Shloime Richler, Zalmy Gurary, Charne Newman, Mushky Wiener, Nava Andrusier, Aidele Oster, Leah Munitz (3), Ita Pinson (3) and Chanchy Schapiro (3) 

Tehillim Club: Yitzchok Wolowik, Binyomin Wolowik, Bency Weiss, Shmuly Sandburg, Mendel Sandberg, Levi Sandburg, Shloime Richler, Fischel Oster, Shalom Ber Oster, Shmuel Medvedev, Shalom Hurwitz, Zalmy Greenbaum, Yitzi Gorelik, Nochum Zalman Gorelik, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Mendel Geisinsky, Shmulik Cohen, Mordechi Yishai Atias 


Hallel Award: Chaya Haratz and Shalom Ber Oster

Musaf Award: Chaya Mushka Sandberg


Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei RECAP

This week was very busy! Double Parsha + Shabbos Chazak + Parshas Para + Bentching the Chodesh! It was so nice to have the Gesher Daveners, Bainany's and Mini Minyan join us for the special parts of Davening. 

This week we had a special treat of recieving COINS during davening. Each coin was worth 3 points!!! Which means we sure got lots of points :)!!

Today, R' Mendel Goldman came to daven with us. WE THANK YOU FOR HOSTING OUR PURIM EXTRAVAGANZA EVERY YEAR!!!

We also had the special treat of a very unique mispallel, Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel RMD daven musaf by the amud!! 

Raffle Winner: Shmuel Medvedev and Rivky Laskar

Chazan: Yechezkel Pinson

Honorable mensch'ens: Bina Meyers (2), Shifra Schusterman (2), Leah Weiss (2), Chaya Mushka Sandberg (2), Aidele Oster (2), Chana Kramer (2), Devorah Leah Bart (2), Mushky Wiener (2), Charna Newman, Mendel Geisinsky, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Yitzchok Wolowik, Yossi Gorelik, Zali Raichik and Tzemach Tenenbaum 

Tehillim Club: Schnuer Berger, Shmulik Cohen, Sholom Ber Cohen, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Shmuel Medvedev, Mendel Munitz, Sholom Ber Oster, Fischel Oster, Mendel Schmukler, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Binyamon Wolowik, Yitzchok Wolowik 



Parshas Ki Sisa RECAP

No more monkey Business!!

We were back to our regular schedule this Shabbos, with our Mispallelim and Mispallelos! 

Thank you to our very own SHMUELY WOLOWIK for a great leining! 

The davening was truly with Derech Eretz, as is kiday for the Rebbe's Diamond Daveners!

Raffle Winner: Shterna Wolowik and Avremel Bart

Chazan: Moshe Aharon Geisinsky

Honorable mensch'ens: Chaya Spalter, Devorah Leah Raeburn, Chava Hurwitz, Rochel Wolowik, Chaya Mushka Schmukler (8th grade), Chana Schmukler, Hindi Lerner (3), Avremel Bart, Yossi Gorelik, Shmuel Medvedev, Shalom Dovber Oster, Sholom Dovber Cohen, Yitzchok Wolowik and Mendel Rubashkin  

Tehillim Club: Avremel Bart (2), Schnuer Berger, Shalom Ber Cohen, Zalmy Greenbaum, Yitzi Gorelik, Yossi Gorelik, Nochum Zalman Gorelik, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Mendel Geisinsky, Mendel Munitz, Shmuel Medvedev, Shalom Ber Oster, Fischel Oster, Yechezkel Pinson, Zali Raichik, Mendel Rubashkin, Yitzchok Wolowik (2),  Binyomin Wolowik, Mendel Wiener, Benzy Weiss, and Mendel Schmukler

Musaf Award: Chaya Haratz


RMD - Yossi Raeburn

PRESIDENT (Levi Cohen) - Moshe Ahron Geisinsky

VP  (Yechezkel Pinson) - Sruly Laskar

SECRETARY of STATE (Mendel Raeburn) - Bency Weiss

Gaboim (Shnuer Zalman Arnold and Shmueli Wolowik) - 

Dovi Spalter & Sruly Glabman

Mashpia of KYY - Fischel Oster

 R' Beryl - Binyomin Wolowik


Rabbi DB -  Zalmy Greenbaum

Kartis Man - Tzemach Tenenbaum

Srula - Aidele Oster, Bina Meyers, Rochel Leah Schusterman & Chana Schmukler

 (all our ADAR birthday girls!)

Lieba, Chaya and Rochel -Mini Minyan Counselors:  Menucha Pinson, Lieba Lowenstein and Chaya Raigorodsky

Doonie - Rivka Bukiet and Shaina Raichik

Parshas Tetzave RECAP


















This week was super fun in KYY! As per our annual tradition, we flipped things around as different mispallelim had a change to participate in different positions. "RMD" said his usual speech and the "presedium" and "Gaboim" did their duties! What fun!!! 

Even on the Ezras Noshim side, we had 4 "Srula"s who worked really well together to run the show!! 

Raffle Winner: Yossi Gorelik, Menucha Pinson and Yitzchok Wolowik

Chazan: Levi Cohen

Honorable mensch'ens: Yitzi Gorelik, Yossi Gorelik (2), Eidie Mishulovin, Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Raizel Klein, Chaya Spalter, Shifra Schusterman, Chava Hurtwitz and Hindi Lerner

Tehillim Club: na

Win a ride in the Purim Car: Tzemach Tenenbaum and Lieba Farkash 

Yummy hotdogs, marshmallows, warm fire, cool googles, fun...who can ask for more?

I'm a BAINANY, are you?

Parshas Terumah RECAP

This week we welcomed Rabbi DB's visiting class from EMEK HEBREW ACADEMY. Together, we davened and participated in the Shul activities. We had a bit of a re-cap of the Shabbaton....although we're still not sure who won the pillow fight in the boys! But the real excitement is when the letter in Krias HaTorah was wrong - Nochum Zalman, did you get the monopoly money?

The Ezras NOSHIM heard from the ZOCHE B'GORAL Rochel Wolowik, as she gave us a bried re-cap on her incredible weekend in Crown Heights where she went to celebrate the Rebbetzin with hundreds of Shluchim's children from around the world! Your lessons inspired us too!! 

Raffle Winner:

Chazan: Mendel Raeburn

Honorable mensch'ens: Ariel Mansano, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Mendel Rubashkin, Bentzi Weiss, Yosef Moshe Goldberg, Yosef Lapidot, Azaria Goodman, Leah Weiss, Ariela Chana Butel, Chana Schmukler, Rochelle Fischman from Toronto and Mushky Weiner

Tehillim Club: Mendel Schmukler, Bentzi Weiss, Mendel Sandberg, Levi Sandberg, Fischel Oster, Shalom Dovber Oster, Ariel Mansano, Zalmy Greenbaum, Mellie Greenbaum, Shmulik Cohen and Mendel Sherman

Presedium Award: Azarya Goodman 

Bainany Cookout

What an incredible evening! 

Kumzitz with musical sing-along Rabbi PINSON - thank you for joining us! 

Parshas BO RECAP

Parshas B'shalach RECAP

Davening, as usual, was energized and full of Derech Eretz. The Ezras Noshim was overflowing as the girls participated in the final week of the Chof Beis Shvat Mivtzah...earning boarding passes for the upcoming raffle! 

A special Yasher Koach and thank you goes to Habochurim Hatemimim Hamispallelim Yaisef Greenbaum and Yossi Laskar for sharing Hashgocha Pratis stories with us! 

Did you see the new poster in the Ezras Anoshim? It keeps track of the CHAZZANIM, your HONOURABLE MENTCH'ENS and the TEHILLIM! 

What a beautiful Davening the week before Yud Shvat. A BIG YASHER KOACH TO OUR VERY OWN MISPALLEL, Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel YOSSI RAEBURN for layhning so beautifully.

And to our GABOIM who did a great job giving out Aliya's! 

Raffle Winner: Shmuly Sandberg, Pesach Chaim Newman and Shalom Dovber Cohen


Chazan: Mendel Munitz

Honorable mensch'ens: Ariel Mansano (2), Shmulik Cohen, Shmuly Sandberg, Zalmy Gurary, Yitzi Gorelik, Chaya Spalter (2), Chaya Sara Greenbaum (2), Devorah Leah Raeburn (3), Shaina Mina Wolowik (3), Leeba Farkash, Shifra Schusterman and Chana Kramer

Tehillim Club: NA

Extra boarding Passes: Rena Pinson, Chaya Mushka Sandberg, Aidele Oster, Sheina Wolowik, Rochel Wolowik, Chana Kramer and Mushky Wiener


Raffle Winner: Leah Geisinsky, Fischel Oster and Benzy Weiss


Chazan: Mendel Munitz

Honorable mensch'ens: Melie Greenbaum, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Yitzchok Wolowik, Benzy Weiss, Shalom Dovber Oster, Fischel Oster, Shmulik Cohen, Yossi Gorelik, Shlomo Glabman Chaya Spalter, Leeba Farkash, Hindi Lerner, Chana Kramer, Rivky Laskar, Chava Hurwitz,   Chaya Mushka Sandberg and Bina Meyers!

Tehillim Club: Mendel Munitz, Shmuel Medvedev, Shmulik Cohen, Yitzi Gorelik, Nochum Zalman Gorelik, Shalom Dovber Oster, Fischel Oster, Shlomo Glabman, Schnuer Berger, Mendel Geisinsky, Sruly Laskar

Presedium Award (to get a pizza and soda): Yitzchok and Rochel Wolowik



This week, the Presedium introduced ANOTHER new Hachlota which came out of their meeting last week - THE TEHILLIM CLUB. This encourages the younger mispallelim to stay until the end of not only davening, but for tehillim as well...Check out the new bulletin board which keeps track of these points and the amoun of honorable mentch'ens you have!

As our motto goes - its a shul For the kids BY the kids! Yasher Koach!


The presedium also printed out letters of the Aleph Beis for the mispallelim and mispallelos to look for during Krias HaTorah! 

Raffle Winner: Moshe Ahron Geisinsky and Bina Meyers


Honorable mensch'ens: Mendel Wiener, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Fischel Oster, Levi Sandberg, Mendel Munitz, Sholom Hurtwitz (2), Mendel Geisinsky, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky (2), Yitzi Gorelik, Melie Greenbaum, Ita Pinson, Bina Meyers, Simcha Cunin, Chaya Spalter, Chava Hurwitz and Shaina Mina Wolowik

Overall special mention: Leeba Farkash and Aidele Oster


This week, the Presedium introduced a new Hachlota which came out of their meeting on Wednesday - the Chazan program. This encourages the younger mispallelim to volunteer to be the Chazan for Boruch She'amar through Shoichen Ad. What a great way to strengthen all of the our motto goes - its a shul For the kids BY the kids! Yasher Koach!


The presedium also printed out letters of the Aleph Beis for the mispallelim and mispallelos to look for during Krias HaTorah! 

A special welcome to our Alumni who joined us for Davening!! 

Raffle Winner: Mendel Munitz and Fischel Oster


Honorable mensch'ens: Sholom Hurwitz, Bency Weiss, Dovi Spalter, Mendel Berger, Meli Greenaum, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Bina Meyers, Rena Pinson, Chaya Mushka Schmukler, Ita Pinson, Rochel Leah Schusterman and Mussie Hurwitz

Musaf Award: Simcha Cunin


On Wednesday, 16 Teves, the Presedium met with Rabbi Db and RMD to discuss the upcoming year. We brainstormed different ideas, came up with hachlatos tovos and already began implementing promises we made during their campaigning!

B'gashmius and B'ruchniyos the ideas were flowing...

We look forward to serving you this year and making KYY #13 the best yet! 


Levi Cohen, Yechezkel Pinson and Mendel Raeburn - your elected offciial!


Such a beautiful davening. 


Raffle Winner: Chaya Habibian, Shalom Ber Oster


Honorable mensch'ens: Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Yossi Gorelik, Ariel Mansano, Benji Mansano, Sruly Laskar, Fischel Oster, Benjy Weiss, Yitzchok Wolowik, Ita Pinson, Shaina Wolowik (2), Aidele Oster, Devorah Leah Raeburn, Chanchy Schapiro and Ariella Chana Butel

Presedium Award: Zalmy Greenbaum and Mushka Greenbaum 

Chazak Award: Berger Family, Chaya Mushka Sandberg and Hindy Lerner


Wow - not an empty seat in the house! What a beautiful davening on both sides of the mechitza. RMD would have been proud if he'd been there. KYY is truly living up to its name "The Rebbe's Diamond Daveners."

Special thank you to Muli Berger for laining for beautifully! 

Raffle Winner: VP Yechezkel Pinson and Yishai Atias


Honorable mensch'ens: Mendel Geisinsky, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Schnuer Berger, Shmuel Medvedev, Zali Raickik, Hashliach Mishulovin, Yitzchok Wolowik, Bentzi Weiss, Hashlucha Ita Zweebel, Chaya Habibian, Shifra Schusterman, Leah Weiss, Chanchy Schapiro (2) and Chana Kramer

Hey Teves Sefer Winners: Mendel Geisinsky, Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Leah Munitz and Rochie Schapiro


Our first week davening with the newly elected officials! Congratulations to our president LEVI COHEN on ready the flyer like a professional!

A special Yasher Koach to our outgoing Vice President SHOLOM SCHAPIRO for leining part of this week's Parshas! 

INTRODUCING - for the Ezras Noshim - a chance to win a ticket to NEW YORK for Chof Beis Shvat! 

Raffle Winner: Yisroel Zacharia and Chanchy Schapiro


Honorable mensch'ens: Yisroel Zacharia (2), Shloime Richler (2), Shmuel Medvedev, Sholom Hurwitz, Shalom Dovber Oster, Chaya Mushka Butel, Mushky Weiner, Mushka Rivkin, Gnesha Schapiro, Devorah Stark, Chaya Spalter and Devorah Leah Bart

Musaf Award - Ari Sufrin 

Parshas Toldos RECAP

Raffle Winner: Eidie Mishulovin and Zalmy Gurary


Honorable mensch'ens: Mendel Rubashkin, Sholom Ber Oster, Fischel Oster, Tzemach Tennebaum, Zalmy Gurary, Schnuer Berger, Bina Meyers, Leeba Farkash, Shaina Wolowik (2), Rivky Laskar (3!!), Mushka Boyarsky Devorah Leah Raeburn 

Musaf Award: Mimi Ravnoy


Beautiful davening with many beautiful guests....


Elections + Farbrengen fun!

Great debate questions...last minute campaigning, INCREDIBLY talented video presentations all led up to the ultimate moment for KYY's next elected officials for KYY #13!

Then we got to enjoy a delicios pizza seudah in honor of Yud Daled Kislev - the Rebbe and Rebbetzin's wedding anniversary, followed by CHAYUSDIKE wedding dancing!!! 

What a night!

Raffle Winner: C-Teen dude and Devorah Leah Raeburn


Honorable mensch'ens: Rochel Wolowik, Leah Munitz, Chaya Haratz, Mushka Greenbaum, Chana Kramer, Adele Oster, Melie Greenbaum (2), Bency Weiss, Fischel Oster, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky 

This week at KYY we had a very special treat...a group of C-Teens joined us for laining and musaf. Their chayus and excitement for davening really made an impression on us. And we showed them how to truly have Derech Eretz in shul! How special it was to share our community with everyone! 


Wow! Shul was more packed than ever before...every single seat in both the Ezras Anoshim and Noshim were full!

The members are really enoying the coin system...check the points/prizes page to see how many points you have so far! 

Levi Farkash spoke on behalf of his team and really impressed us with his leadership and presentation skills...

2 weeks till elections!!

Parshas Chayei Sara RECAP

Raffle Winner: Ari Sufrin and Sheina Mina Wolowik


Honorable mensch'ens: Mendel Geisinsky, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Levi Sandbeg, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Eli Glick, Ari Sufrin, Sruly Laskar, Shaina Mina Wolowik, Peshy Fischer, Mushky Wiener, Ella Morris, Chaya Mushka Sandberg, Charna Newmanand Shira Benzaquen

Musaf Award: Chaya Sara Greenbaum


3 Candidate teams...

3 different grades...

3 promises of what they will do...



A beautiful Shabbos altogether, packed in all 5 divisions BH! 


Thank you again to the Shliach from UTAH for being our Baal Koreh! 

Raffle Winner: Chaya Spalter and Yechezkel Pinson


Honorable mensch'ens: Habochur Medvedev, Shloime Hecht, Nochum Zalman Gorelik, Yosef Habibian, Mendel Geisinsky, Ariela Chana Butel, Chava Hurwitz, Mussie Hurwitz, Rochel Wolowik (double), Mushka Greenbaum (double), Raizel Klein, Simcha Cunin

Musaf Award: Adele Oster


Parshas Vayeira RECAP

ELECTIONS ELECTIONS - are all anyone can talk about! While CPR has already plastered the shul with pictures of Dr.'s telling you to vote, SRS has officially come out as another electoral ticket!! With a RAEBURN brother on each team, this is sure to get very interesting! 



Thank you again to KYY's VERY 1st Gabai - Rabbi Heshy Mishulovin for being our Baal Koreh! 

Raffle Winner: Mendel Sandberg and Levi Sandberg, Mendel Raeburn - Tanya


Honorable mensch'ens: Ha Shliach Korf, Ari Sufrin, Bentzi Weiss, Mendel Geisinsky, Shmulik Cohen, Aidie Mishulovin, Gneshe Schapiro, Leah Weiss - DOUBLE and Chaya Mushka Schmukler

5th Grade Melave Malka!

A fun and exciting Melave Malka at the Chaiton Home, took place Motzei Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha. Starting with a Rebbe Video, the night began. Delectable Hot Dogs and fries, with all the condiments and toppings to take it to the top made for a delicious menu, during which a slightly scary but utterly facinating Baal Shem Tov story was told over. Then all the boys laughed the night away playing headbands, with well known names, places and words to keep the simcha flowing. Finally we ended the evening with scrumptious dessert, cool fire effects and the singing of Eliyahu Hanavi!

Thank you Rabbi DB for the incredible evening!!!

Parshas Lech Lecha RECAP

The first election team of the season has officially announce their CANDIDACY for our Bar Mitzvah Year. CPR - here to save the day! Levi Cohen got up and gave his first official speech, presenting some special incentives his team will introduce to KYY if elected!


We also hada special zechus...KYY's VERY 1st Gabai - Rabbi Heshy Mishulovin came back to KYY to read this week's parsha!

Raffle Winner: Mushka Greenbaum


Honorable mensch'ens: Melie Greenbaum, Ari Sufrin, Yossi Gorelik, Yishai Atias, Sholom Hurwitz, Mendel Geisinsky, Noa Toppel, Aide Mishulvoin, Mimi Ravnoy and Itta Pinson

Musaf Award: Rivky Laskar, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky

Parshas Noach RECAP

Right on track - this week KYY was a FULL HOUSE! Every seat was taken and we even needed to add more for the Ezras Noshim. 

Being Rosh Chodesh, Davening was a bit longer than usual. But under the incredible Leadership of RABBI DB and the help of the 8th graders, davening and Krias HaTorah were truly beautiful. And how exciting it was to see the CUSTOM ACRYLIC BOARD up and ready to use!! 

Raffle Winner: Avrohom Moshe Eichenblatt


Honorable mensch'ens: Eli Glick, Nochum Zalman Gorelik, Ari Sufrim, Melie Greenbaum, Benji Mansano, Tzemach Tenenbaum Yitzchok Wolowik, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Mendel Rubashkin, Shira Benzaquen, Mushka Greenbaum, Mussie Hurtwitz and Leeba Farkash

Hallel Award: Shmuly Cohen and Shifra Shusterman

Shacharis Award: Bency Weiss

Krias Hatorah Award: Moshe Ahron Geisinsky

Musaf Award: Zalmy Greenbaum, Chaya Sara Greenbaum & Rochel Wolowik

Parshas Bereishis RECAP

So excited for the most incredible year of KYY #13!!!

This Shabbos we got a sneak peak of the brand new Custom Made Acrylic Display case which will be used to store our tickets and coins.

We also got to see the new coins - personalized just for KYY - the Boruch Sheamar and Aleinu tokens. They are really cool....I am so motivated to try and get them each week!! 

Winners: Sroly Eizocovics, Tzemach Tenenbaum and Michoel Munitz


Honorable mensch'ens: Bukiet Boys, Ariel Mansano, Yitzchok Wolowik, Habochur Medvedev, Moshe Ahron Geisinsky, Leah Munitz, Devorah Leah Bart, Rochel Leah Shusterman

Musaf Award: Chaya Spalter, Hindy Lerner

Sukkos RECAP

What a week - again!


Monday night we enjoyed a FABULOUS Simchas Beis Hashoeva!! We all gathered in the parking lot of Ariel Market to enjoy a MAGIC SHOW, Special CHILDREN'S PROGRAM AND RALLY and of course, LIVE MUSIC AND DANCING! 

It truly highlighted FOR THE KIDS, by the KIDS.

Unique additions this year: Clown! Face painting! and more!! 


We showed up at 10 a.m., excited for the day. But the activities and fun far surpassed what we could have imagined! The bus ride itself was lots of fun, with a Sukkos Scavengar Hunt and games to keep us entertained. Then we got off the bus and had a real cool time building a sukkah for lunch. The children's rally was INCREDIBLE! I felt so special as I made a real kiddush Hashem and Kiddush Lubavitch, lighting up Newport Beach with the 12 pesukimg!!

Finally we BOARDED THE BOAT!! Before even pulling out, we were already treated to sea lions and pelicans. But it only got better....Tens of dolphins danced around our boat, making shows, jumping and spinning and spitting water. What a sight!

The fun DID NOT end there! After the incredible boat ride, we went to the nearby park for a highly active and fun LASER TAG and BOOGER WARS - yes it was as funny and FUN as it sounds...


It was truly beautiful to see over 250 kids come to Shul to dance with the Torah. 

The children were given the kibud of saying the atah horeisas and boy did they say it with chazonus! Special children certified l'chaims were given out and delicious snacks too. And when the dancing started, it was a beautiful sight!

After dancing up an appetite, the children were treated to a YUMMY yom tov Seuda.

Truly an event FOR THE KIDS, BY THE KIDS!

As we know, all good things come to an end! Until next time at another SOLD OUT KYY event! 

Parshas Ha'azinu RECAP

What a week - again! Even after being in shul for 3 days straight, the mispallelim and mispallelps showed such beautiful behavior and Derech Eretz during davening! 

We enjoyed an incredible laining by Habochur Hatomim Ha'almuni MENDEL RAVNOY and heard a great Hashgocha Pratis story about Tashlich from RMD. Talking about fish, RMD wore a really funny FISH HAT to tell us all about the upcoming SUKKAH HOP to whale watching and dolphins! (See more details on our register page....) 

Nochum Zalman Gorelik was the KARTIS MAN and a beautiful Yom Kippur Machzor was raffled off. Enjoy the rest of Tishrei and KYY will see you back in full force on Shabbos Bereishis!!! 

Winners: Benji Mansano - Brand new Machzor for Yom Kippur

Habochur Atias - Gashmius Prize


Honorable mensch'ens: Melie Greenbaum, Tzemach Tenenbaum, Fischel Oster, Sholom Ber Oster, Moshe Aharon Geisinsky, Mendel Geisinsky, Habochur Medvedev, Child-at-heart Shimon Beneroch, Nochum Zalman Gorelik, Yossi Gorelik, Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Chaya Mushka Butel (double), Chaya Habibian, Aidie Mishulovin and Leah Munitz

Musaf Award: Mimi Ravnoy

Parshas Nitzovim/Vayelech

Our first Shabbos was a true role model of just how incredible KYY is! The boys and girls piled in, with over 15 NEW children coming in from Mini Minyan/Bainany. We are so proud of them for their incredible participation, and the rest of the Mispallelim and Mispallelos for showing the GREAT way to behave and daven with Derech Eretz. Kol Hakavod! The new rooms looks gorgeous, with freshly painted walls and light fixtures - it made davening all the better. And our baal koreh - Muli Berger - did such an amazing job.

And to top it all off REB BERY'L bought DELICIOUS cupcakes for every member of Ezras Anoshim, Noshim, Bainany and Mini Minyan in honor of our first full Shabbos. Thank you to our Tzorchei Tzibbur Yid!

Looking forward to more special Shabbos davenings like this week...

WOW!! What an incredible "TEST RUN" we had this week in KYY! 

Overflowing with children, we needed to add more and more chairs, BH! KYY just keeps getting bigger and better! All 5 divisions were PACKED! 


And boy are we excited to see the brand new make-over our Youth Wing is receiving.....this year will be the best yet, we can feel it already! 

Parshas Ki Savo

Winners: Benji Mansano, Shterny Wolowik

Winners: Schnuer Berger - Brand new Machzor for Rosh Hashana!

Tzemach Tenenbaum - Gashmius Prize


Honorable mensch'ens: Melie Greenbaum, Moshe Aaron Geisinsky, Yechezkel Pinson, Bency Weiss, Avrohom Moshe Eichenblatt, Fischel Oster, Hamispallel Cohen, 

Ita Pinson, Rivky Laskar, Devorah Leah Bart, Tova Benerosch, Shaina Wolowik

Musaf Award: Libby Schneerson, Chaya Haratz

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