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Weekly Recap 


Week #2 of our ladder and kids are already almost up to rung #7 which means an automatic mincha maariv - how special.

You are not too late to join us!! 

Yasher Koach to Levi Farkash for being the "Jr Rabbi" and doing such a great job.


The excitement is building for the Unzere Kinder Shabbaton!! Coming up real soon....have you registered? Don't forget to join!! 

Raffle Winner: Devorah Leah Bart and Yossi Gorelik

Jr Rabbi: Shalom Ber Cohen 

Mini Madricha: Chaya Sara Greenbaum

Bainany Chazan:  Aryeh Leib Kramer



A truly beaufitul davening.

This week we launched our "Mivtza Climb the Rung" in KYY as prep for Yud Shevat. The Ezras Anoshim have the opportunity to climb up the ladder. If you reach the 12th rung by the last Shabbos of the program, you get rewarded with a special treat! 

The Ezras Noshim too was very full....

we even learned a new KYY secret handshake from our Cabinet members. We also awarded the Shabbos Mevorchim award, where a full section of girls received a Derech Eretz coin and an honorable mention! Truly impressive...

Jr Rabbi: Yossi Gorelik

Mini Madricha: Nechama Shochet

Bainany Chazan:  Shully Gorelick



Raffle Winner: Shaina Benzaquen

Jr Rabbi: Ari Sufrin

Bainany Chazan:  Moishele Davidson


Chanukah is definitely in the air! It's coming so soon and we are excited...

Rabbi Duchman told his usual Hashgocha Pratis story - about the power of saying THANK YOU and thanking those who thank you! 




We welcomed in the CTEEN group who once again came to Daven with us. What a beautiful experience to have them!

Rabbi DB gave out yummy DONUT HOLES in honor of his birthday....Happy birthday Rabbi DB :)

New President Zalmy Greenbaum filled his duties for the first time this Shabbos, reading the weekly announcements...great job!

Raffle Winner: Tzemach Tenenbaum and Shalom Dovber Oster

Jr Rabbi: Shalom Dovber Oster

Mini Madricha: Shaina Mina Wolowik

Bainany Chazan:  Shully Gorelick

SUPERMEN'tches:  Sroly Tenenbaum, Zalmy Chein, CTeen Boys and Fischel Oster

Honorable Mention Ezras Noshim: Nechama Shochet, Chaya Friedman (2), Gnesha Schapiro (2), Bina Meyers (3), Ita Pinson and Devorah Leah Raeburn


New coins were rolled out this exciting! 

We can now earn the DERECH ERETZ Coin and the HONORABLE MENTCH'en coin.


We also had the official "Changing of the Seats" ceremony as our old presedium left their special spots and our new Presedium took their spots of honor. 

The Ezras Noshim as well instated our Cabinet Members in their seats of honor! We are looking forward to the great year ahead! 

Raffle Winner: Aidele Oster and Shalom Dovber Oster

Jr Rabbi: Zali Raichik

Mini Madricha: our Cabinet Members

Bainany Chazan:  Ches Pinson

SUPERMEN'tches:  Zalmy Greenbaum, Mendel Rubashkin and Sroly Tenenbaum!

Honorable Mention Ezras Noshim: Chava Hurwitz, Nechama Shochet, Ariella Chana Butel, Mimi Ravnoy, Menucha Mayberg (2) 


Raffle Winner: Shifra Schusterman, Chana Kramer


Mini Madricha: HINDI LERNER

Bainany Chazan:  Mordechai Greenbaum

Honorable Mention Ezras Noshim: Rivky Laskar, Mushka Greenbaum, Chaya Sandberg, Mimi Ravnoy, Shifra Schusterman (2), Aidele Oster, Chava Hurwitz

Rabbi Duchman may not have been in KYY this Shabbos, but the chayos and the Derech Eretz he teaches us to have were in full force! 

Elections were definitely in the air as the candidates were giving out different candy and rewards for best daveners.

The Ezras Noshim stayed after the main Kiddush for a mini Kiddush of their own, where they heard from the girl candidates of why they should vote for each of them! Yup - that's right....there are girl elections this week! 



What a great Jr. Rabbi this week - well done Mendy. 

The davening was great and RMD gave a powerful Hashgocha Pratis story.

This week, every Honorable Mentch'en was able to choose the next one!!


We also heard from the candidates of this year's elections....

Which team are you voting for? 



Raffle Winner: Ita Kesselman, Guest Weiss, Avrohom Levitansky 



Bainany Chazan:  Kramer

SUPERMEN'tches:  Tzemach Tenenbaum, Shmulik Cohen, Sruly Laskar, Mendy Goldman, Getzy Rubashkin and guests!

Honorable Mention Ezras Noshim:Leeba Farkash (2), Baila Glick, Aidele Oster, Chaya Sandberg, Shira Benzaquen, Devorah Leah Bart, Menucha Pinson


Raffle Winner: Chaya Sara Greenbaum, Fischel Oster and Guest

Jr Rabbi: TRIPLE M Munitz

Mini Madricha: Shifra Schusterman

Bainany Chazan:  Moishele Davidson

SUPERMEN'tches:  Benny Lumer, Yitzi Gorelik, Tzemach Tenenbaum (3) and Sroly Tenenbaum (3)!

Honorable Mention Ezras Noshim: Chana Kramer, Eidie Mishulovin, Devorah Leah Bart, Hindi Lerner, Chava Hurwitz and Chaya from Redondo Beach

A really beautiful davening together...

AND HERE AT KYY WE HAD ANOTHER FIRST - every single mispallel in the Ezras Anoshim received a HONORABLE MENTION this week for spectacular Derech Eretz! 

We also learned a valuable lesson for our future moisdois, when your Rabbi doesn't show up! The place was packed, with so many girls we needed more chairs BH!

Thank you to Rabbi Raeburn for leighning and Rabbi Plotke for a beautiful Shacharis. And once again a huge yasher Koach to  Zali Raichik for davening for the amud. 


Raffle Winner: Charna Newman, Leeba Farkash, Mendel Geisinsky


Bainany Chazan:  Moishele Davidson

SUPERMEN'tches:  Mendel Rubashkin, Mordechai Ravnoy, Mendel Geisinsky, Mendel Sandberg, Getzy Rubashkin, Zalmy Greenbaum and All participating EZRAS ANOSHIM!

Honorable Mention Ezras Noshim: Menucha Mayberg, Mushky Weiner, Leah Munitz, Rochel Leah Schusterman, Mim Ravnoy, Devorah Leah Bart (2), Sheina Wolowik (2) and Baila Glick 

Our firs OFFICIAL week at KYY!

Our kiddush cups are back...the SUPERMENtch Honorale Mentch'en boards are up and the excitement is definitely up too. 

A beautiful davening together!

Yasher Koach ARIEL MANSANO for your first Musaf in KYY after your Bar Mitzvah! Great Job!!


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