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Lchaim to 20 years and counting!


Kol Yakov Yehuda is an organization that started 20 years ago in the Los Angeles community for the children of Anash. Geared to build our own children “Unzerer Kinder” into future leaders of Klal Yisroel, Shabbos in & Shabbos out the children gather together to daven.


For the past 17 years this minyan has grown into an institution where the children feel safe, accomplished and important. The minyan that began with a few boys now hosts close to 200 boys and girls weekly. This shul and Shabbos davening is unique, as no adults are allowed unless they “behave themselves.” The shul is run BY THE KIDS THEMSELVES. RMD - the founder and director, runs KYY with total transparency. That is, throughout davening the children are given tips of how to run their own moised, what to do if something doesn’t go as planned and the importance of davening together with a minyan.


Kol Yakov Yehuda is not simply a minyan or a shul - it’s an entire Moised. The activities and programs continue throughout the week as well! The children have learning during the week, "Shabbos Schmooze", are entertained with Melava Malka’s throughout the year, especially on early Shabbosim. Reward programs based on Davening behavior awards the children with programs throughout the week, such as “Honorable MENCTHen Trips” and Star Davener events. The children put in effort and are excited how it will pay off.

Various other programs occur throughout the year as well. Shabbatonim, where a weekend away inspires another shul through the children’s beautiful Tefilos and the children have a great time and Special YomimTovim and Chassidishe Yomim Tovim events! 

The children all join together week in and week out and throughout the week itself. They have grown together and into one.

By now KYY is not just a shul, but a community. 

Ezras Anoshim
Boys grades 3+

Each week the minyan is made up of 10+ Bar Mitzvah boys, with their special place on the mizrach vant. A young mispallel begins davening until Shochen ad, where a bar mitzvah boy takes over and davens with chazanus. Krias Hatorah as well is done by our very own Mispallelim, as special honorable mentions are given to the boys that follow along. Hagbah is always given to the mispallel that excels in davening that week. Proudly watching from their special seats of honor sits the President, Vice President, Secretary of State (officials elected by the entire KYY) and Jr. Rabbi of the week, all mispallelim of Kol Yakov Yehuda.

Ezras Noshim
Girls grades 3-8

As all good minyanim have, on the other side of the mechitza sits the Ezras Noshim. Following along and davening each word inside, these girls also learn the importance of davening with a minyan. In addition they become familiar with the behaviors of a shul, learn to navigate their way through the siddurim and chumashim and begin to value the girls job in a shul! The girls receive tickets, honorable mentions for following along during Krias HaTorah and special "Musaf Awards". "Cabinet Members" are elected yearly and Miss Madricha and Secretary of De-Fence are weekly jobs the girls receive.


A weekly highligh for the girls is our "Laugh and Learn" program. The girls get togeher during the week to learn something exciting, whether a sicha, a new mitzvah and/or a practical topic. The program also always includes an activity and snacks - the atmosphere is light and sociable while the sounds of learning fills the room!

Boys grades Pre1 through 2


Geared for the in-betweeners, the Baininy Group caters to 1st-2nd grade boys, working to integrate them into the big minyan. The children get together Shabbos morning for their own special minyan. One special mispallel is named the  "Chazzan”. He puts on a big Talis and acts as Shliach Tzibur for the day. Davening together word for word, the children look inside and really daven like a baininy!! After Davening the children play some games, get some fresh air and have their own mini kiddush. Then comes the special treat! The Baininy group joins the big KYY, receive special seats of honor and every other week gets honored with Hagbah! Joining in for a few aliya’s of Krias Hatorah and Musaf, they will soon be PRO’s at davening with a minyan-right in time for them to join The Rebbe’s Diamond Daveners as members!

Grades grades 1-2


Geared for the in-betweeners, the Bainaniya girls is there to prepare the girls for joining the main minyan. The girls start off their day with some fun games, developing friendships together. They daven together, singing the songs beautifully and looking inside as they say each word. A special "Parsha art" comes along each week where the girls get to create yummy things that connect to Parsha. 

They even have their own incentive programs throughout the year, to encourage attendance, behavior and honorable mentions! 

Mini Minyan


“Mini Minyan” is for the children not-yet ready for a full fledged minyan. Every week you’ll find close to 50 eager faces waiting for the doors to open, as the madrichos greet the children with warmth and smiles! Ages 3 to 2nd grade girls (and ages 3 - Pre-1A for boys) are welcome into this Yiddishe and Chassidishe atmosphere, where we encourage only the best behaviour as the children Daven with kavanah, hear great stories, review the Parsha, receive yummy snacks and play lots of really fun games!


They even have their very own Prize Cabinet! 

Gesher Division


Have you noticed the newly painted room with comfortable bean bags near KYY and the Bainany minyan?  The Gesher program has begun, to help our mispallelim and mispallelos with Special Needs be included in KYY! The Geshers daven, participate in alef-beis activities, play and review Parsha and come to KYY for highlights of davening and to kiss the Torah.  


Run devotedly by Mrs. Doonie Mishulovin, we really cater to children of all abilities. We are so happy to welcome our new members of KYY! 

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