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Rabbi JJ Hecht

Namesake of our Shul.

Get ready for KYY 


Weekly News!

A project of Unzere Kinder



end of year events


Each week the Ezras Noshim are assigned another special Mitzvah to do in honor of Chaya Spalter, our Diamond Daveners! 

Shabbos in and Shabbos out, our members in Ezras Anoshim, Noshim and Bainany have a chance to earn points for our Kiddush Cups - through Honorable Mentions, coming on time and Derech Eretz Behavoirs! 

Once a month, 3 mispallelos are chosen to receive the "Hachi Awards"

1) Super Davener

2) Kria Expert

3) Miss KYY 

The Mini Minyan has also officially been inaugurated with our children's minyan which began last Shabbos. We are currently trying to rebuild our stash of games, books, siddurim, activities, furniture and could really use your help! Click on the button to get to our "KYY WISH LIST" on Amazon. There you will see the list of things we need to get our Shul up and running. It's as simple as clicking what you can help out with and the item will be shipped directly to us!

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